Naute Kristall & Naute Dam

Naute Kristall Cellar and Distillery
NAMGIN Teufelskralle | Fine Spirits | Dry Wines – Handcrafted in Namibia
Namibia‘s original handcrafted Gin, Spirit and Wines carries the soul into a soothing sea of aromas. The Kalahari‘s Devil‘s Claw, in balanced combination with traditional ingredients, gives this Gin its truly Namibian character. It is these fruit, straight from the watered desert, that we utilize to produce our fine spirits!
The Kristall Kellerei Vineyards are subject to unique conditions such as frost, extreme heat and water scarcity.
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The Naute Dam is located outside of Keetmanshoop, Karas Region, Namibia. … It is currently the third largest dam in Namibia after Hardap Dam to Naute’s north and holds up to 69 million cubic metres of water. The Naute Dam is primarily used for the supply of water to neighbouring towns and for the irrigation of the fruit plantations.
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Naute Dam C12 - 50km south
Karas Region

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Mondays - Fridays:
07h30 - 16h00
08h00 - 14h00

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