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Illegal Connections can be divided into two (2) Categories:

a) Bypassing Electricity meters or Tampering with Electricity meters and service connections:
  • when alterations or modifications are made to the electrical metering installation with the purpose to consume electricity without it being registered by an electricity meter. This is also referred to as Bypassing of meters. This is a very serious offence which can lead to Penalties of up to N$16,000.00 or imprisonment or both, hence customers are urged to refrain from allowing such acts.
  • No customer may in any manner or for any reason whatsoever by–pass the metering equipment of Keetmanshoop Municipality on any premises or tamper or interfere with any meter, including a prepayment meter, or with any service connection or service protective device or supply mains, or any other equipment of Keetmanshoop Municipality on any premises. Such tampering, interference or by-passing is deemed to be a serious offence and upon conviction can lead to penalties or fines of up to N$16,000.00 and / or imprisonment.
  • Where prima facie evidence of tampering, interference or by-passing referred to in subsection (1) exists, Keetmanshoop Municipality has the right to disconnect the supply immediately without prior notice to the consumer. The consumer is liable for all fees and charges levied by Council for the disconnection and subsequent reconnection.
b) Supply / Resale of electricity from one premise of a customer to another
  • When a connected customer provides power to neighbour’s across erf boundaries.
    This practice is prohibited is hence not allowed
  • Unless otherwise authorized by Council, no person may sell or supply electricity that is supplied to the premises under an agreement with Council to any other person for use on any other premises, or permit or allow the resale of supply to take place
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